10 Awesomely Catholic Gift Ideas 


Is not here yet.

(Unless you walk through Hobby Lobby.)

But that doesn’t mean it’s too soon to start thinking about gifts for loved ones (and if you’re up for the challenge, Catholic Sistas even suggest you get all of your shopping  done before Advent so you can fully enter into the season)!

I love giving really unique and thoughtful gifts. I also love giving uniquely Catholic gifts for three reasons:

  1. Money speaks. I love knowing I’m supporting Catholic businesses and don’t have to worry if my dollars spent are being used to support something against the Catholic Faith.
  2. Subtle witness opportunity. I’m not talking about a cheesy sport bag with “Jesus loves you” stamped on it. I mean the kind of gifts that lend the opportunity to strike up a conversation about the Faith without being in your face about it.
  3. Familial. Being baptized into the same Catholic family, I love a gift that’s a reminder of that connection, whether blood relatives or family of God relatives.

I hope you’ll find these ideas fresh and useful and awesomely Catholic (and if you need anymore be sure to check out the the Focus blog, this one for the dudes from the Catholic Gentleman, and Lacy’s at Catholic Icing if you have little ones).

Be sure to add your own suggestions in the comment section at the end of this post!

10 Awesomely Catholic Gift Ideas

  1. Mystic Monk coffee. We all have that one special person in our lives that runs on coffee. Why not help a group of Carmelite monks get their monastery built in Wyoming by buying a bag of their delicious Joe instead of controversial Starbucks? Total cost = around $12 before shipping.
  2. Saintly Heart peg dolls. My kids LOVE stocking stuffers. It’s like the pre-game of the grand present opening. These little wooden saints are the perfect fit. The dolls are completely hand painted by a Catholic mom of two from the southwest and so cute. Total cost = $10 per doll before shipping (and she does take custom orders!).

    Saintly Heart peg dolls
  3. St. Hubert hunt club camo shirt. Sometimes you just need a gift that has camo on it. This is for you! They also have several other St. Hubert gifts for the hunter on your gift list. Total cost = $28 before shipping.

    Catholic to the Max – St. Hubert hunting gear
  4. Catholicism series by Bishop Robert Barron. This is a great gift for anyone wanting to know more about the Church or grow deeper in their knowledge. It’s absolutely an incredible series and anyone serious about their faith will cherish it. Total cost = $65.38 with free Amazon Prime shipping
  5. Ave Maria pewter dish. Any lover of Our Lady would dig this dish. It’s unique, stylish, and reppin’ Mama. Nothing better. Total cost = $17.95 before shipping.

    Catholic Company Ave Maria pewter decorative dish
  6. Chimay beer. For the beer connoisseur in your life, these Trappist made beers are delightful. This list has a few more if you can’t find Chimay in your area. Total cost = dependent on which brew and bottle you buy.

    Chimay beer (photo credit: Wikipedia)
  7. T-shirt by Paradigm Clothing. These ultra hip graphic shirts are an awesome teen or young adult gift. The company was started by a Catholic youth minister and father of three in SoCal. Total cost = $20 before shipping.

    Duc In Altum t-shirt by Paradigm Clothing
  8. Catholic wall art by Meyer Market Design. These are incredibly professional yet beautiful pieces to place around the home for a pop of color with prayers on them. (Includes four wall hangings. One of each of the following prayers: Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary, Guardian Angel Prayer.) Total cost = $10 sale price before shipping.il_570xN.745667246_66x5-2
  9. St. Maximilian Kolbe rosary. This is a gorgeous handmade rosary by Keogler Studios. They have tons of other options including custom made. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a high quality Rosary to gift! Total cost = $30 before shipping.

    St. Maximilian Kolbe rosary by Keogler Studios
  10. Little People Noah’s Ark toy. This little set is perfect for little kiddos. Fisher-Price also makes several other sets if you want to add to the group. Total cost = $27.99 with free Amazon Prime shipping.

    Noah’s Ark Little People set (photo credit: Amazon)

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  1. I love these ideas. I forgot all about Mystic Monk coffee! I am that person that drinks it all day…and for my hubby (with whom I’m always stumped on what to buy) the Chimay beer is a nice choice… and that Rosary!! Awwww yes!

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for asking – Chimay beer is usually only available to purchase locally because of shipping laws and alcohol. The link provided should give you a good list of other Trappist monk beers you might find in your area if Chimay isn’t available. The Chimay main site should provide the info for their cheeses. I hope this helps!


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