10 Free, Easy & Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

Over here we keep date night real chill. Netflix (paid for as a yearly Christmas gift given to us), some takeout if we have a coupon, and whatever drinks we have in the fridge. Even if it’s just filtered water.

And we have great friends who go all out. Fancy dinners, movies, overnight trips, and more.

Every couple is different so there’s no right or wrong way to have that connecting time regularly. But something most marriages go through is a season where date night needs to be at home, free, and easy. Below are my most creative and fun packed date night ideas that I hope help bring a little life into at-home date nights!



  1. Movie roulette. Gather all the movies in your home (or your top 10 from an online streaming site). Write the titles on a sheet of paper as randomly placed as possible. Place the sheet of paper in the center of the room on the floor. Have each spouse grab a popcorn kernel (or some equally small, cleanable, non-harmful object). Stand a couple feet away and close your eyes. First one to toss a kernel and hit a title on the paper wins. That’s the movie you’ll watch that night! Snuggle in and turn up the volume.
  2. Who said it. This is great for bibliophiles. Gather 5 or 6 books each from around the house. You can share the titles before starting if you’d like, or to make it really challenging, keep them hidden. Next, each grab a blanket and sit on separate chairs covering the books you have. Take turns opening a book at random and reading a line. The other spouse has to guess which book (or character) it’s coming from.
  3. Mad lib. This game without fail makes me laugh until I cry. Have each spouse grab a piece of paper and pen. Write down a random and funny story, omitting key verbs, pronouns, nouns, and adjectives in each line. The words omitted should be a blank line (be sure to mark what should be there: verb, noun, etc). Don’t read the story, just ask your spouse to give you random words for the blanks (fitting the verb, noun, etc designation). At the end, read the story back to them. Take turns going back and forth (and try not to pee your pants). Here are some mild kid ones to get you started.
  4. Board game roulette. Same as movie roulette only you put all the available board or card game names on the sheet of paper. Play whatever game is hit first.
  5. Learn a new recipe. Go through your cook books or Pinterest boards and find a dessert you’ve never had and make it together. Then enjoy it while chatting or watching a movie together.
  6. Learn a new skill together. Go to YouTube and find tutorials on how to crochet or some other random skill. Ideas: search hip hop, self defense skills, beat-boxing.
  7. Color together. Even before it was all the rage, I knew coloring was fun. Who doesn’t love coloring?! (It was, in fact, part of how my husband wooed me). Grab a large sheet of parchment paper or cut open paper bag. Tape it to the table and dump a box of crayons and get busy. Bonus: eat delicious food and listen to swanky music while you color together.
  8. Play hide and seek. Silly, stupid, or fun? Not sure. But if you have a house with creative places to hide or can step outside this might be your funnest date night yet.
  9. Spice challenge. This one is short and could preclude some tasty cooking together. Gather all the spices in your kitchen and open them. Blindfold your spouse and put a spice under their nose. Give them one sniff to guess what spice it is. Write the answer down for each (and record what the spice actually was if they’re wrong). Switch roles. The spouse with the most right guesses wins!
  10. Windex hockey. I owe this one to a dear friend from years ago I knew in high school and college (who’s a priest now – pray for him!). Put on socks. Tie plastic bags to your feet securing with a rubber band at the ankle. Then get a ball and some sticks for the hockey supplies (anything will do). Find a fairly long hard floored space to make your hockey rink. Next spray Windex all over the “rink” (or whatever easy to clean slippy spray you have around the house) and play hockey!

    Windex hockey: play with caution (or knee pads)
    Windex hockey: play with caution (or knee pads)

So there you go, friends! Go have a fun, free, and easy date night this weekend with your spouse.

Do you have any fun date night ideas that are free and fun? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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