A May Crowning at Home

May is the month of Mary! And an awesome time to invite hearts to a devotion to Our Lady in the home.
As a kid, my mom would take me to a beautiful little hidden grotto near a lake. We would bring wild flowers to an old statue of Mary each May and pray there. It’s always been a sweet memory and formed me to lean towards Our Lady at a young age.

I wanted to recreate that small yet powerful experience with my own kids this year but I didn’t have a place to bring them to I felt comfortable leaving flowers at without permission. So we decided to do it at home!

Crowning a statue of Mary during May has been a long standing Catholic tradition – a simple yet lovely way to honor her as Queen in homes and churches. ¬†There are no official prayers or practices that must be done so it’s really easy to do it with whatever you have at home.

Here’s the supplies I used to prep – it took me about an hour (with kids underfoot) to gather it all together and make the crown:

  • Statue of Mary
  • Small piece of wire for the crown base
  • Fake flowers
  • Hot glue
  • Two battery candles
  • A piece of tulle (that thin, papery lace type of fabric)
  • A jar of water
  • A few tulips cut down to size to fit in the jar
  • A clean shelf for the statue

I was able to find everything at home and planned based on what we had. You could make it even simpler and use less than I did or get real elaborate and do more.

This is how we prepared and did the mini-crowning ceremony:

  1. I made the crown by poking the piece of wire through the fake flowers. I had to use hot glue to keep the flowers in place so they wouldn’t flip around.
  2. Next, I setup the statue with the tulle around her feet to look like clouds and tucked the candles in there.
  3. Then I put the jar of water in front of her.
  4. We got the kids together and gave a brief summary of what we were doing.
  5. Next we lit the candles and gave each kid a flower.
  6. Then we had them line up at the other end of the room, and as they processed over to the statue we sang “Hail Holy Queen” (it’s on YouTube if you’re not a singer).
  7. Once they reached her, they placed the flowers in the jar and then put the crown on her head.
  8. Amen, the end!


We wanted to make it really special so we also made cookies and had juice. Friends were invited but plans changed so the crowning was just us which was pretty special in the end.

Now that Mary is crowned, she’s in our living room where they can see her all May and be reminded of this special devotion – especially when we get to pray the Rosary (or part of one) together.

I loved how simple and cheap this was and hope it leaves a lasting impression on my kids like it did with me as a young girl.

Happy May, friends! I’d love to hear your favorite May devotions in the comments!


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  1. I love this! Just last night I was trying to explain May crowning to my kids and the conversation ended with, “… so… can we do it?!” How can I say no to that! I love how you kept this simple and lovely.


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