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It all started with this post in my mind long ago. I wanted to be a part of building community and support among Catholic families. To make a space where spouses and parents can find ideas for prayer, encouraging stories, helpful resources, and more. A place where we have one common goal: to build a civilization of love at home.

From that desire for my own marriage and family came the blog, Yellow Pelican.

The name comes from an ancient Catholic symbol of the Eucharist: the pelican. When the pelican is faced with the starvation of her baby pelicans (pelicanitos?), the bird will peck at her own chest to produce flesh in order to feed her little ones so they can live. It’s representative of Christ, who shed His own flesh and blood so that we might live.

In many ways as spouses and parents, this is the example we’re meant to live by – to give heroically of ourselves for the sake of our families no matter the cost. But it isn’t meant to be without joy. Yellow has long been a color representing joy and light. My hope is to go hand in hand down this road as a community of Catholic families and be a light for generations to come.

Verso l’alto! To the heights!

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Angie is mother to three wild and sweet boys (+1 baby on the way) and wife to her college sweetheart, Jake. In 2008, she earned her degree Catechetics and Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. She has over five years of experience working with teens, middle school youth, and children in a parish and youth ministry setting and building new programs. Her missionary heart has taken her to Central America, the Caribbean, and Texas where she’s worked and volunteered as a musician, public speaker, coordinator of religious education, teacher, and more. She now spends her time focusing on the awesome and humbling task of educating her boys and growing in holiness as a family. Angie also likes puppies, the ocean, and strong coffee. 

You can reach her at yellowpelicanblog (at) gmail (.) com


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