Consoling the Heart of Jesus Review + Giveaway! (CLOSED)

I’m so excited to share a little giveaway I’m doing with a few other Catholic bloggers! Read to the end for all the details and the giveaway! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

One of the books in the bundle we are giving away is Consoling the Heart of Jesus by Fr. Gaitley. (If you haven’t read his stuff yet, I highly recommend it.)

Although I had heard of his books, I wasn’t really sold on reading anything until my spiritual director recommended my husband and I read Consoling the Heart of Jesus together (followed up by 33 Days to Morning Glory). In fact, I was a little turned off after hearing some friends talk about how much they disliked one of his books. It sounded like it would be fluff to me (here’s a great list of definitively non-fluff Catholic reads.)

When I started the book I could immediately see what the turn off might be. It was simple. It didn’t make me stop and crunch my brain and try to remember everything I’ve ever read in the Catechism. For those who like a good mind challenging read (which I do occasionally), this was a far cry from it.

But the turn off was actually something that was also so appealing. It was 100% accessible. Anyone at any stage in their walk of faith could pick this up and benefit from it. It spoke in simplicity, but also in deep truths that sometimes we just need to hear over and over again in simple terms. I had to turn off my theological brain and open my heart to mercy. It was truly a retreat and became a sacred and personal time with the Heart of Jesus that impacted me more profoundly than I could have ever imaged.

What I loved most of all is the focus on simple souls. We have amazing and lofty Saints in the Church. St. Augustine, St. Teresa of Avila, Aquinas, and more. We have thinkers and depths of theology that have impacted how we know God in amazing ways. But for so many, that isn’t our call or it’s just not approachable enough to pick up.

Yet, each of us is personally called by God to holiness and a life of intimacy with Him. I feel like Consoling fills that gap and has the potential to open up hearts to Jesus in ways we haven’t seen before.

When I finished the book, I felt like I had actually been on a retreat – which was incredible because I was reading it in my “spare” time after just welcoming our third boy a couple months before. I approached it skeptical and left it a new person, closer to the Heart of Jesus.

I highly recommend this book for those wanting to deepen their spirituality or have the experience of a retreat while at home. It is so solid and faithful to the teachings of the Church but incredibly approachable and accessible.

Since I  have loved what I’ve read of his and want to offer this experience to others, I’ve teamed up with three other Catholic bloggers to giveaway a book bundle of three of Fr. Gaitley’s most popular books! 

Consoling the Heart of Jesus
33 Days to Morning Glory
The One Thing is Three


All you need to do is go to the giveaway below and click around – it’s super easy and we would love if you’d share it with friends far and wide! (Giveaway is sponsored by us bloggers and in no way affiliated with other platforms or the author.)


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