An Easy Way to Honor the Divine Mercy at Home

A few months ago, we did a short family consecration to the Divine Mercy. It was beautiful, especially during the Year of Mercy.

Since then, I’ve been trying to find ways to help our family grow in this devotion. In the past, I’ve played the song version from EWTN on YouTube in the background around the 3pm hour while the kids played, but mostly it was just tuned out and I didn’t feel like it was impacting anyone too greatly (but I do LOVE praying/singing the full Chaplet like that when I’m not distracted with kids and dishes).

Finally, I had an easy idea for our family that came from the book by Fr. Gaitley, Consoling the Heart of Jesus. He speaks beautifully about being simple souls of prayer that offer prayers and sacrifices to console our Lord on the Cross. It’s written so simply – almost too simply – but I think that’s the genius behind it. Who of us is really as brilliant or holy as our pride makes us out to be? He helped bring me down to who I really am while praying with the book.

Anyway, he recommends the practice of not only praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet when you can (hopefully daily!), but having a daily devotion to it in some form at the 3pm hour to honor the hour Jesus died for us. Obviously, this isn’t a new or novel idea. Our Lord Himself told St. Faustina the Chaplet should be offered at that hour for that reason.

However, Fr. Gaitley described it in a way that really impacted me as a mother. Everything I want to teach my children about love, sacrifice, God, our destiny, and life is contained in that one mystery on the Cross of utter love and the birth of the Church. He recommends stopping at the 3pm hour and essentially taking a moment to love and adore Jesus on the Cross in your heart, no matter what you’re doing. It can be as simple as a short prayer, or the full chaplet. But to make it a time where you are with Jesus at that hour, loving His Heart so wounded on the Cross.

For my kids, I wanted this so much. Beyond just teaching the formula for prayer, I wanted to show them simple ways that we can love Jesus in our daily lives. Because of this, I decided to keep our little daily devotion to the Divine Mercy consistent, simple, and something they could lead themselves and memorize so they can take it with them forever.


If you’re interested, here’s what we do.

Every day at some point during the 3pm hour, we stop whatever we’re doing. One of us will say, “It’s the 3 o’clock hour (or Divine Mercy hour)” and we all stop and look to the cross. Then we make the Sign of the Cross and say out loud “Jesus, I trust in You” three times. Then we end with the Sign of the Cross and continue with our day.

That’s it! In writing, it sounds too simple to be effective or worth it, but the impact has actually been profound. We started by doing the consecration, so this has become an extension of that for our family. A daily reminder that we are called by Mercy to be mercy to others.

I also love that it’s always during the grumpiest hour of the day for the littles. I always seem to be grabbing more coffee then and the boys are either ready for a nap or ready for some quiet time. I love how in one simple moment we can be reminded to turn all our frustrations to the cross and speak the sweet name of Jesus together.

Even more than that, I love how much the boys truly love the devotion. It’s not something I forced. I invited them and did it myself a few times first. Once they got the hang of it, they latched on to it. They are genuinely excited when it’s the 3pm hour and we can show Jesus some love. On days we miss it, there’s also a genuine sadness that somehow we forgot.

Is it for everyone? Nope. Devotions like this, while fruitful, are optional and it’s worth finding the ones that help your family grow how God is calling you to (for more on that and how to schedule family prayer time, check out this free planner). But this is one that I’m so grateful we started as a family and will hopefully continue for the rest of our lives. It’s simple, yet powerful. Every day, we are turning to the Lord, saying out loud we trust in Him. The name of Jesus is on our lips daily during the Divine Mercy Hour.

I’m so grateful we found this little devotion – hopefully it helps you as well!

What are some of your family traditions to show devotion to the Divine Mercy? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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