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Each Friday, I share a Friday Feature where I hope to bring a little light and encouragement from other Catholics living out the vocation to married and family life.

I love witnessing how others are following Christ and am constantly inspired by them. My goal with Friday Feature is to bring you a breath of fresh air and some community by sharing their stories.

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I met Rosalie in the same mom’s group online I met Martina. We connected even more as fellow Catholic bloggers and her fierce love for the Church and seeking truth is inspiring. She courageously defends the Faith and shares mom-hood humor on her blog, The Contrite Catholic, and podcast, This Catholic Life. I’m so honored to share some of her simple and straightforward story from self-proclaimed atheist to faithful Catholic.

Angie (A): Share a little about yourself and how you came into the Church.

Rosalie (R ): I was born into a family that was Catholic. I always identified as an atheist, personally. I remember very early on thinking “this is all just nonsense!” In college, after I had moved in with my boyfriend, I needed to get a gift for a confirmation. I went to this Catholic store in town, which was owned by an older Catholic immigrant from Austria. Immediately, she began to pry asking if I were Catholic and about my life. That day, she gave me a Blessed Mother statue when I told her that it reminded me of my deceased mother. She just gave it to me! I forgot to get the gift because I was so taken aback by the gesture. I had to return, and so began a series of very long, intense, and even, heated discussions.


A: What was your biggest obstacle to embracing Truth?

R: If the truth is the truth, I have to change the way I live. It meant I couldn’t just do whatever I wanted. Wanting to keep things all about me was quite motivating to look away from the truth.


A: You shared with me you were using birth control prior to your conversion. What was the one defining moment that convinced you to stop contracepting?

R: I read the book Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West which is based up on the Theology of the Body and a very simple Q&A format. I understood the science behind contraception. I knew that sometimes an already fertilized egg would be prevented from implanting. Once I recognized the fact that the unborn are humans, I could not cooperate in killing my own children! From there, once I understood the nuance and subtle differences between contracepting and NFP (Natural Family Planning)*, I became open to the idea of NFP. I learned it could be reliable and that it was so good for the planet! Synthetic estrogen is a huge environmental pollutant, and make no mistake, it’s effecting us all! Moreover, oral contraceptives are a class one carcinogen as classified by the WHO, alongside arsenic and agent orange. Knowing what I know now about contraception, if God were disproved tomorrow, I would not begin using it! Sadly, there isn’t one thing that convinced me, but a process of mulling over factual information. The estimated divorce rate of those who use NFP, is 2%! It may be a battle to stay the course, but the priceless rewards are there!


A: How has your marriage improved since deciding to remain open to life and use NFP as a means to discerningly space births?

R: We talk so much more, because monthly we must assess how we are both feeling. We have to consider finances, our health, our mental fatigue! We find out a lot about one another, just doing this! Our marriage has vastly improved. When you contracept, all sex says is the other person wants to use your body to feel good. When you are open to life, sex says that this person is vulnerable with you and willing to potential create a life WITH you. That says a lot! We put three years between two of our children, so NFP works. You have to be motivated. Most people who say they are using it, truly aren’t. It’s a bummer, because they give it a bad name!


A: What is one book that has shaped who you are today?

R: The Bible? 😛 😀


A: If you could give your 20 year old self advice, what would you say?

R: Go to confession, now! Just kidding. I would ask her if something has ever come from nothing. If she could not answer me something, I would ask her where we all came from then.


A: How do you daily live out your Catholic faith as a wife, mother, blogger, pod-caster, and revert?

R: Minute by minute, with the grace of God! I have littles and a lot of demands! Anytime I fall off course and neglect my prayer, it all goes to hell! Routine prayer is important for me. My whole life is living my penitent state. I have a lot to be sorry for, and I always make amends by sharing my faith when appropriate.


A: Compare in just a few sentences your life as an atheist versus your life as a Catholic.

R: Chaotic, sad, pointless versus purposeful, joyous, fulfilled.


A: If you could speak to all atheists searching for truth and share just 8 words, what would you say?

R: Something has never and cannot come from nothing.


*You can find more about NFP here.

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