Help Haiti: Links to Give to Reputable Catholic Groups

Here are some solid Catholic groups that are in Haiti you can trust to use your donations to directly aid those in need.

All of these groups I know either because a personal friend is there working or by similar close connection. These are grassroots groups that are running operations based on the Gospel and faithful to the Church. Money received supports their work in Haiti directly and administrative costs are at a minimum (unlike other big secular organizations).

If you want to help those affected by the hurricane in Haiti, consider donating to one or all of these missionary groups who are on the ground working with the poor there.



There are several missionaries from FMC currently serving in Haiti. FMC is an incredible group that seeks to live out the call to spread the Gospel to the whole world. Those in mission lands live like the poor they serve and are faithful to the Magesterium. Part of their mission is to not only preach the gospel, but also give direct aid to those in their communities that are in need as they live out the corporal works of mercy.

To give directly to the missionaries and their work in Haiti, click on one of the missionaries listed on this page to donate: DONATE NOW.

UPDATE: Here is the link to donate directly to the FMC Haiti fund for their hurricane relief efforts: DONATE NOW



The group has built an orphanage and more in Haiti and have been committed to serving the orphans there for years. They are serious about giving direct aid to those most in need and supporting the orphans they house. Their mission is incredible and has impacted countless lives.

You can donate to the mission here: DONATE NOW.



Fr. Merosne is native to Haiti and after studying in the U.S. for several years, went back to serve his people as a priest. He’s an incredibly faithful priest with a heart for the poor. The area he serves is extremely poor and he lives much like them on very meager means while trying to do the work of the church. While the funds for this campaign were originally started to help support his work spreading the Gospel in the local churches, I have no doubt giving to Father will directly impact those he serves that were affected by the hurricane since it will help support their local Catholic church.

Donate to Fr. Merosne’s fundraiser here: DONATE NOW.


Note: All links I provided are to the general donation pages for these groups. There’s always a chance they could update with different links if the groups begin raising specific funds to help those affected by the hurricane. I’ll update if I see any new info. Regardless, know that the groups and people involved are committed to serving the poor in Haiti and use all funds wisely. Any money you give will directly help the poor they serve in Haiti. I fully trust their proper use of donations.



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