How We Met (Part 1)

One big drawback of social media is this screen you’re looking at. It hides a lot of reality. That could be a good or a bad thing. Good because you don’t have to see the dirty dish pile in my sink. Bad because you can really miss a lot of a person’s story by just reading a few words on a screen.

Real life. Us in 2016.
Real life. Us in 2016.

I thought it would be fun to bridge that gap a little and share the who behind this blog. But where to start? I think the most fun is where our story all began (well, at least the part of how we became a family)… how I met my husband!

Sit back and enjoy. I have one rule: no judging or comparing. I’m a believer that each person’s story is guided by God’s grace acting in our lives. Our unique story is how He intends so we can be formed into who He made us to be. There’s a lot of twists and turns and sad and happy parts to everyone’s story and no two are the same. The only part that really matters is that we become saints in the end.

So on to how we met …


I started my college career at a small university near my hometown. I was a homebody and had no intention of leaving.

But God (gently) laughed at that safe part of me and lead me to the decision to transfer to Franciscan University – not close to home and definitely not a part of this homebody’s plan for life. My plan was to stick around home and work out my holiness on my own terms. Clearly, God saw it another way.

So on to Franciscan I went the next year, still convinced of my own plans for my life, and completely unaware of what God had in store for me.

During the same year that I felt that irresistible call to move and transfer, my husband (Jake) was partying at a state college somewhere else oblivious to the life ahead of him. His best friend (future best man) was going to Franciscan and had Jake visit him. At that visit, he was all like “Jake! Come to school here next year”. And Jake said yes. In an instant of grace and divine intervention, without knowing why or how, Jake felt the same call to be at Franciscan for some reason and he knew he had to do it. So, without realizing what was ahead, he transferred.

We got there at the exact same time, had common friends, traveled (to different countries) at the same time, and even had a class together (which we didn’t realize until we were married). But we didn’t meet for another 2 years. We always joke that if we met in late middle school/early high school, I would have scandalized him and if we had met at the end of high school/beginning of college he would have scandalized me. I fully attribute our not meeting until the perfect moment to the Holy Spirit – because when we did …. M A G I C.


The end of our junior year, it finally happened. We finally met. I was in a friend’s dorm room as everyone was moving out. He was walking by helping another friend move.

He stopped and I mentioned something about thinking we would be working together (“Hey! Aren’t you Jake? I think we work in the same office this summer!”) and he said something about the schedule (“Yeah! Did you get the schedule yet? I think we work together this week”). In hindsight, it was love at first sight. I didn’t admit fully at the time, but driving home that night all I could think about was meeting Jake. (Jake’s first thoughts of me were apparently: “she’s pretty”.)

We spent the entire summer working together and becoming best friends. At the time, I was dating someone, so we built a solid friendship without any thoughts of it turning into anything else. We played softball on a co-ed team, ate crappy Wendy’s food together, went out with friends, and laughed till we cried at work.

He gave me a ride when my car needed repair, and I wrote him a cheesy poem when hanging out with friends as a joke (“Roses are red, I like scones, I think you have nice pheromones.”) We grew in love as friends.


After months of an amazing friendship, my boyfriend broke up with me and Jake and I continued growing as friends. At that time, I was co-leading a mission trip to Honduras and Jake applied to go on the mission. I was so excited because not only was he my good friend, but he was an awesome candidate for the mission team (he didn’t mind not showering for days, was open to trying new foods, and didn’t mind hiking 6 hours into a tropical jungle with a 30 lb backpack. Solid gold.) After interviewing him, all leaders agreed he needed to be on the team.

When I called to congratulate him, he said he had changed his mind and was going to Belize. It was unBelizeable (please make me feel better and laugh with me) … did he really just say no to Honduras and Spring break with me?! We were all bummed, but took it as God’s will for the mission.

About a month later, our friendship was becoming closer and closer. I noticed Jake was remembering small details from conversations and acting on them. Like one night when he asked me to color with crayons in a coloring book together and then jump in leaf piles – some of my favorite things in life.

Still have it after 9 years. A crayon spectacular.
Still have it after 9 years. A crayon spectacular.

While coloring, he said “if I were to ask you on a date, would you say yes?” What?! My good buddy Jake was asking me on a date?! And there it was – he admitted that the reason he said no to Honduras. One rule of mission was no dating. When he heard us mention it, he decided he couldn’t wait until after Spring break to ask me out on a date!

Of course I said yes to a date. It would be fun! It started with a surprise bunch of flowers in the car when he picked me up, a mixed CD with all my favorite songs, Mexican food (my fave), then a walk around a city square with hot coffee and good conversation in the cold. And that’s how we met and began dating.

First date! And coffee. Always with coffee.
Life before iPhones. We’ll just call the blur “artistic.”

The rest? History 🙂

So there you go. A little bit about us. Stay tuned for Part 2 of “How We Met” as Jake tells it!





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