When Life Gives You Dryer Lint…

I think I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately. I can’t really remember. Between being 34 weeks pregnant and having a really, really odd month of home stuff, I feel a little off. So I figured, why not give everyone a short update?

In case you were wondering, here’s what we’ve been dealing with in the past month…

  1. Hurricane evacuation. Matthew was a huge storm and so inland we traveled. A 5 hour drive and mini-vacay sounds fun, right? But let’s be realists here. Add three kids, Atlanta traffic, a heavily pregnant woman, and you’ll see how it was less than refreshing for the fam.
  2. Strange AC smell. I know some of you in the north are thinking “AC problems, in the fall?” But alas, where we live the thing needs to be functional year round. And this thing WAS NOT. After some coil cleaning, nitrogen flushes, and other strange “tricks”, I finally gave up on maintenance really fixing this strange smell wafting through the vents.
  3. Toxic fume spew. Isn’t this just cruel, the smells during pregnancy? After we thought things were finally settling down, I was relaxing on the couch one evening when suddenly my house was flooded with the thick smell of turpentine. Apparently we owe thanks to updates in the unit next to us and a mistake with whatever chemical they were using to surface counter-tops. The good news is we got to spend a night in a hotel on their dime. The bad news is we had to upset our entire routine… again.
  4. Scooter repairs. What do you do when you have one van and a scooter and the scooter breaks? You go without the van for a week so the husband can get to work. Cabin fever level = high.
  5. Washing machine broke. Bye bye, clothes scrubber. You won’t be missed. The cash to replace you will.
  6. Dryer slowly dying. Suddenly it was taking two full cycles to half way dry the clothes. I’m not a complainer, but something was seriously up with that thing. No amount of filter and duct cleaning was helping.
  7. Weeping wall in the closet. Weeping, as in crying? That’s basically what was happening. Our poor wall kept having these very strange and random leaks with absolutely no logical cause. This all lead to a hole being cut in our bathroom ceiling to find the cause (and a week of maintenance in and out repairing things).

It sounds exciting doesn’t it?! I know you wish you could have lived this last month right along with us, because it was just that fun. But we made it through which brings me to the conclusion and moral of the story…

Do you know what they found cutting open our ceiling to fix the leak which seemed so random? A HUGE chunk of trapped and WET dryer lint that was accumulating in the “clean” ducts. Ahem, what?! So the happy ending is that the strange AC vent smells are gone for now it seems, the dryer will dry a full load in one try (I knew it wasn’t your fault, little guy!), and our wall is happy again.

So word to the wise – when life gives you strange smells, weeping walls and dying appliances, check for unexpected chunks of dryer lint deep within the walls of a remote part of your home. It just might be the solution to some of your problems.

As for me … if you don’t hear from me I’ll be hibernating until the baby arrives.

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