Loving in the Hidden Moments

“The ultimate test of your greatness is how you treat every human being.” -St. John Paul II

Sometimes I wonder how much God laughs watching daily parenthood. I’m convinced this vocation is rooted in humor! I have countless examples why.

Like the time my baby kept me up all night and in my zombie state I forgot to put grounds in the coffee maker and consequently poured hot water for my morning joe.

Or when the toddler swiped my Frappuccino and drank half of it before I caught him. All this just an hour before a dinner party in which he fully lived up to the expectations of a caffeinated tot.

But as much as it is funny to sit back and hear these stories after the fact or from a friend, in the thick of it, it’s more likely that I’m feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. When these “funny” moments happen, I unravel fast if I’m not careful.

That’s why I love this quote from St. John Paul II. “The ultimate test of your greatness is how you treat every human being.” If I’m going to be a saint someday, it’s vital that I try living like one today. The thing that the Saints did best was love. In season and out of season, rich or poor, pretty or ugly. They loved everyone they met with the love of Christ.

Bl. Teresa of Calcutta said “let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” I definitely don’t do this perfectly, or very well. But I want to always be trying and working towards it with my family. I want to treat them as they deserve as children of God, not how my emotions dictate.

At the end of my life it won’t matter that the full almond milk carton spilled on a newly mopped floor, but it will matter how I responded to my little boy in that moment.

I hope to be great someday, and if that’s going to happen, my task is to start here and now at home in all the small things. By loving these souls under my roof with the love of Christ no matter how crazy things get.

And after it’s all said and done, if I succeed, I hope to have a funny story and a crown of glory in heaven.

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  1. Sigh. Good reminder for me right now… I have a 3-week old in the house so I’m feeling sleep deprived and not doing my best at mothering. My older three kids are doing okay but we’ve had a few moments where I’ve lost my cool. I should stick this quote on my wall. 🙂


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