More Than Meets the Eye

As I sit here and sip my coffee finishing my morning prayer, I am struck by the lowliness of Christmas. 

As we journey through Advent in expectation, I want to remember my family’s measure is the Holy Family. Our goal is to become more and more like the most perfect family that ever lived on this planet. What does that mean? 

It means we can seek to embrace God’s will as it comes, even if it is hidden in abjectness. The Mother of God found joy in welcoming Jesus birthing in a home for animals. I know my goal then is to deny pride a place in my heart if I feel I deserved this or that gift and didn’t receive it. Jesus is the only gift my heart needs anyway. 

It means finding peace in the midst of what seems like chaos. Joseph found the strength to endure rejection and contempt trying to care for his wife in labor and remained in God’s peace. My goal is to draw upon this example of strength when it seems like the world is against me and we don’t have the money for an extra gift. Jesus is the only gift that matters anyway. 

The Holy Family was a raw and shocking unit and our Savior came in an unexpected way – through poverty and lowliness. There was so much more than met the eye. Beneath the cloak of want, the Word made Flesh was finally with us. 

So this Christmas, I want to try to find that beautiful and adorable will of God hidden in unexpected and lowly circumstances. Because I know hidden there is where I will find my Jesus. 

Holy Family, pray for us! 

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