Our Sacred Space at Home

Here’s the mantle in our living room….

Every morning, whether I want to pray or not, I have Jesus looking down on me and my coffee. And I love it.

Because sometimes, life is really burdensome or I’m really feeling tired and in my weakness I’d be more apt to just grab the computer and scroll. But if He’s right there, I’m drawn to pray. It’s a physical reminder that I’m not alone in this and that I have a purpose.

So we’ve intentionally made Christ the focal point in each room of our house. Not to pretend we’re holy, or to feel like we have this Catholic thing all together. But because we truly need it and it makes a difference.

We do it more because we are dense and need a constant reminder. We want more than anything to become saints and lead our children to heaven, but it’s way too easy to let other worldly things slide into that first place in our hearts and family.

Having these sacred images throughout the home reminds us daily that….

  • We belong to Him
  • He is the source of everything we are and want to be as a family
  • Without Him we are nothing
  • All we have we owe to Him
  • We our loved beyond all comprehension
  • We need Him more than air or food
  • Our suffering has meaning and value
  • We are seen
  • We are cherished
  • We are pilgrims
  • He is our hope
  • We cannot do any of this without prayer and staying connected to the Vine
  • Our joy is from Him

For our children, the crosses and art are reminders that they are never alone. God sees, and our character is how we act even behind closed doors. And even when mom and dad fail, Jesus is there waiting and ready to be our most intimate Friend and Savior.

I want my home to be a little church in miniature – in prayer, action, and appearance. This is one way we make that happen. What we soak up in our senses gets to our hearts and I’m happy we have our little sacred spaces to keep us on the narrow road in all our waking moments at home.

Top to bottom sacred spaces: the boys’ room, front entry way where we have keys and calendars, living room wall, and our bedroom. 

Our Sacred Space at Home

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  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been meaning to ask if you would do a seasonal sharing of different sacred spaces in peoples’ homes. I was hoping you could get people to share photos of their spaces. It’s always great to see how other people are doing things to inspire ideas in my own home!

    1. Angie @ Yellow Pelican October 18, 2016, 2:34 pm

      Such a great idea! I’d love to – I’ll tag you on Facebook when I do that or if I do a round up article. And I’m totally the same – I love seeing others inspiration and how they bring out the richness of sacred art in a home!!


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