The Mass Box Review (and Why You Should Get It)

If you have or know any 3-7(ish) year olds, you’re going to LOVE this. I was sent a free trial box of a brand new up and coming resource for Catholic families – THE MASS BOX! Here’s the low down on details and my honest review after trying it out this month with my 3 and 6 year old.


WHAT IS IT? The Mass Box is a monthly subscription box that is sent to your door each month. Inside the box is all the resources you need to create the crafts and activities the coincide with the Sunday readings at Mass. You just go to the Mass Box site and they have an adorable video of a dad and daughter going through the project for that week and chatting about it. What I love about the video is that it really caters to visual and auditory learners – so if you’re a parent that has to see something to teach it, you’ll love this! The unscripted dialogue can help give parents an idea what to chat about while doing the project. The box also has the Magnifikid for each Sunday to help kids follow long at Mass. Totally awesome.

WHAT IS AWESOME ABOUT IT? Um… everything? Seriously, this idea is long overdue. You can get monthly subscriptions for makeup, clothes, razors, outdoor snacks, and even dog treats (you think I’m kidding but I’m not. Google Pooch Perks and Bark Box). Why not supplies and ideas to hand on the faith to your littles? These things I especially loved about the box…

  • All craft supplies included (minus a few extra crayons or scissors that you might need). For those of us who really don’t thrive on children’s craft projects, this is huge. If you’ve never done something like this with your kids because the thought of sifting through JoAnn’s clearance bins of beads makes your palms sweaty, you’re going to love that it just shows up in a box at your door!
  • It is geared to a discussion about the faith. I like that it is a bit more involved than just a coloring sheet. The projects need adult help (at least our kids did) and I feel like that creates the space to make a conversation about the faith happen easily and naturally. Cut. Jesus talk. Glue. Mass talk. Repeat.
  • It gives kids something to look forward to and get excited about each Sunday beyond bribing them with a cookie (I see you nodding your head, donut-briber reader). Kids crave special time with parents and I felt like this resource carved out that time to just be a family and have our faith be the center of it.


WAS THERE ANYTHING I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT IT? Just a couple personal preference things. I’ll share for honesty sake, but they aren’t a deal breaker. I think the Mass Box is awesome and everyone with young kids should subscribe.

  • Time and adult involvement. This was a positive after we did a few (read above), but at first I didn’t realize how involved it was. With the video, more in depth craft, and just general set up, it was more time consuming than I had initially thought it would be.
  • The box doesn’t come with detailed instructions, so you have to watch the videos (which are great and really helpful). I was approaching it like assembling a crib and could not understand why there weren’t typed out instructions. Then I realized the videos are a must with this resource. The boys loved them too and it was nice to have them see what the finished project should look like. So minor set back ending as a win.
  • This isn’t really a negative for subscribers, but since we were just doing a trial we got one set of everything. If you have more than one kid that’s going to work on it, definitely spend the extra to get the sibling box. We worked around it, but in the future will definitely get the extras so the little guy doesn’t feel left out.

The Mass Box

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It’s affordable. For most families, just cutting back on extra coffees or takeout once or twice will pay for it and then some. To me, that’s worth it since it is a huge help in teaching the faith at home with little to no extra outside work on my part. If I had gone on Pinterest and researched faith related crafts, I would have spent much more than the cost of the box subscription just on supplies alone. If you add in getting the video instructions, ideas already thought out (saving your brain time and energy), and a kid’s missal, all in a neat little box, it’s a ridiculously good deal in my opinion. Here’s the break down:

  • One kid box = $20/month ($16 for the box, $4 shipping)
  • Two kid box = $26/month (+shipping)
  • Three kid box = $35.50/month (+ shipping)

All in all, I feel the Mass Box is a really valuable resource for Catholic families with young kids. It sets you up to do a great project each week teaching to and from the liturgy with kiddos. This is something we’re called to do as parents, the first and primary educators of our children. I love that we now have some outside help to make that task a little easier!

If you’re interested in signing up, subscribe here. They’re taking pre-orders to officially launch this Advent 2016 and need as many as they can to get this really going (which I really want to see because it’s so awesome). It would also make a great gift if you’re a grandparent or godparent!

I hope you try it out and enjoy it as much as our family did!

(Disclosure: I received one trial Mass Box for free for the purpose of reviewing it. All opinions are my own. I’m sharing just to help other Catholic families find good stuff for their kids. I hope it’s useful to you!)

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